Friday, 25 February 2011

Dark Parables 2: The Exiled Prince Collector's Edition

Dark Parables 2: The Exiled Prince Collector's  Edition
Many centuries ago, a princess kissed a frog and transformed him into a handsome prince. Unlike the fable, they never ended happily ever after. It is rumored that the Frog Prince is still alive and now roams the deserted path in the Black Forest, capturing unsuspecting visitors. When the chancellor's daughter goes missing, you are sent to investigate her disappearance. Journey through the deserted forest in Dark Parables The Exiled Prince, an eerie Hidden Object Adventure game!

419 MB


  1. I started playing the game and I got to Chapter 3. And I cannot progress in the game as a piece that I am looking for is not where it is supposed to be according to the hint and strategy guide.
    It is in the hidden object section by the fountain in front of the Swan Lake Princess's House when you have to get the Elegant Crank.
    Please help as I am enjoying the game.

    1. Me too! I even tried creating a new player profile and restarted the game.

    2. I am also having the same problem in that area.

  2. I am having the exact same problem as the poster above me. :(