Thursday, 7 July 2016

Dark Parables 11: The Swan Princess and The Dire Tree Collector's Edition

Dark Parables 11: The Swan Princess and The Dire Tree 
Collector's Edition
In a land far away lies the Swan Kingdom. Ruled by the Swan Princess, this prosperous community exists to protect the mythical Dire Tree, root of all life. Every year Goddess Flora would hold a ceremony here, using the magical seed to regenerate the land and grant new life. However, this year the seed gets stolen by the nefarious Black Swan, delaying the ceremony. Thus the Swan Princess decides to call in the famous Fairytale Detective. As you delve deeper into the case, you'll realize things aren't as black and white. Following the crumbs of conspiracy, you'll finally realize that the person responsible for it all wishes to ascend to godhood.

Updated to New Version July 26th, 2016. 

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